Failed oxygen valve at mining complex in Arizona

Our experts go above and beyond the call of duty to find the products you need.

When an unexpected product failure slows operations to a crawl, facilities need a partner they
can trust to deliver a replacement quickly and get them back in action. TIME IS MONEY.

Ferguson Industrial understands the urgency that follows product failures, and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to get our customers up and running again. When an oxygen valve failed in a vessel at an open pit mining complex in Arizona, the facility knew we could provide a quality, quickly sourced solution.

The failed valve created a critical safety issue for the mining complex, forcing them into a costly operational slowdown. The customer was unable to provide exact product details for the valve, but our experts were able to identify the product based on a few pictures and some service conditions: a 1″, 300#, stainless steel, full-port, split-body, automated, metal-seated ball valve.

We quickly realized that sourcing and delivering an exact replacement would take 10-12 weeks—an unacceptable timeframe at their current rate of operation.

Our team worked tirelessly to qualify the customer’s needs and find an alternative valve. We were able
to locate an equivalent product from our Approved Manufacturers List, build the valve package, and mount test it at our valve automation center in Chicago.

Within 72 hours, our customer had the entire assembly mounted and operational on site. Our knowledgeable associates, quick response and project ownership were crucial to reducing lead times, minimizing expensive downtime and re-establishing a safe operating environment for the mine complex team.

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Comprehensive product knowledge and an unshakable commitment to service lay the framework for swift, dynamic problem solving.

Valve experts discover critical error and delivers out-of-the box solution.

Comprehensive product knowledge and an unshakable commitment to service lay the framework for swift, dynamic problem solving.

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