Supporting the industry and the PVF Roundtable

As a new board member of the PVF Roundtable, Ferguson Industrial’s Regional Director, Mike Jordan has the opportunity to give back to an industry he is proud to have been part of for 35 years — and counting.

From building awareness about all the industry has to offer, to supporting the industry’s next generations, to shaping the future of the industry as a leader and advocate, Mike is thrilled to have a seat at the table that empowers him to make such an impact.

“Being a board member of the PVF Roundtable is not about you, it’s about the industry,” Mike says. “You do it to give back to the industry that’s given you your career. I’ve had a great career and tremendous opportunities. This is a place where I can represent myself and my company and give back to our industry, share my knowledge, help and coach others, and be an advocate for our industry. Honestly, I consider it a privilege to have the chance to give back in this way.”

The PVF Roundtable is a non-profit organization of individuals and companies associated with and who directly serve the pipe, valve, and fitting industry. It is committed to providing an open dialogue to exchange information, creating awareness of current affairs affecting the entire PVF community, and preparing for the future by providing funds to educational and training institutes that encourage the growth of the PVF field.

The PVF Roundtable board is made up of 16 volunteer members from industry manufacturers, distributors, and customers. Ferguson has been involved with the organization since 2006.

“The PVF Roundtable is two things,” Mike explains. “First, it’s a charitable organization, and we do fundraising events to support our industry, other charitable organizations, and communities around the country, like with scholarships and training for young people entering our industry. Second, the organization represents the business side of the industry, focusing on investing in the PVF industry’s health and growth as well as encouraging people to make a career in the PVF industry.”

The PVF Roundtable sponsors and works with schools and trade schools to support students who wish to pursue careers in the PVF industry. For the past 5 years, Ferguson has contributed $25,000 a year to the PVF Roundtable Scholarship Fund. As another example of how the PVF Roundtable supports students, it established a food fund at San Jacinto College that helps subsidize tuition expenses by providing food credits for students who may not be able to afford meals.

For Mike, it’s exciting to now be a direct part of the process that supports students and attracts fresh talent to the industry. He sees the advantages of promoting PVF as a career as well as Ferguson itself to the younger generations who are the future of the industry.

Mike’s board role also provides a platform to be a part of improving the industry and help it continue to thrive short-term as well as into the future. Board members work together to explore solutions to common challenges, like driving labor into the industry, which currently is among the industry’s biggest concerns. Board members also share knowledge with their peers and partners, leveraging individual experiences and learnings to help others improve, grow, and succeed.

“I have the chance to use my individual experience and knowledge to drive and promote success for others,” Mike says. “I share what I’ve learned with others to help them get better. At the same time, I can learn from what they have to share as well. So, together, we all improve.”

And that opportunity extends beyond Mike’s individual experience to all of Ferguson.

“As a big company like Ferguson, we have a lot of resources and a lot of ideas,” Mike continues. “We can be industry leaders and share best practices and influence to move the industry forward. It’s an honor to be responsible for bringing Ferguson’s experience, perspective, and voice to the table as a top thought leader in our industry.”

Through Mike’s board position, Ferguson is also demonstrating its commitment to industrial and to being a best-in-class partner and employer.

“I want Ferguson to be the lead industrial voice at the table and be viewed as a company that does things the right way, with class, leadership, and consideration for others — manufacturers, customers, and distributors,” Mike says. “That is our reputation and I want to continue to build on that reputation as part of the PVF Roundtable. Ferguson is a really great company, and I love talking about that and sharing what we do and what makes us different.”

For Mike, the main focus — and benefit — of the PVF Roundtable is making the industry better.

“I have a passion for the industry, and I get to work hand in hand with other professionals who share that passion for our industry and want to help promote it and make it even more successful,” Mike says. “I love what I do at Ferguson, that’s my day job. And I love being part of the PVF Roundtable board, that’s the opportunity to give back. I consider myself really fortunate to have a seat at this table, to help make each other better and have the opportunity be a part of what’s next in our industry.”

If you’re not already a PVF Roundtable member, Ferguson Industrial invites you to join us and be a part of supporting our industry and making a commitment to help it continue to grow and thrive.

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