Quality More Than a Checked Box

Quality is about safety, reliability, repeatability and profitability. Quality is vital to your company’s bottom line.

Whenever industrial companies search for a Pipe, Valve and Fitting(PVF) supplier, they often don’t ask enough questions about a prospective supplier’s quality program. Sometimes they merely ask a single question: “Do you have a quality program?” with a box to check. Quality, however, is more than just a checked box.

The consequences of product failure in your industrial plant can be catastrophic, and rework because of a failed product wastes manpower, time and money. When Selecting a low-price supplier without a robust quality program could be an expensive choice. Industrial operations require predictability and minimal disruption to the work process, which, in turn, depend on products that perform reliably. Be diligent in vetting potential suppliers that are worthy of becoming your long-term partners.

To find the right supplier, ask them to do more than check a simple box. Dig deeper and ask the right questions that demonstrate a supplier not only deserves your trust, but can deliver what you deserve most: Peace of mind.

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