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Answers to your questions about the brand transition

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Wolseley Industrial Group rebrand to Ferguson Industrial. While it does include questions for customers, this information should not be shared externally. If you have a question or concern that is not addressed here, email us.

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What is rebranding? Answer:

Rebranding is when a company or product changes its brand identity (also known as its “look and feel”). Changes can be simple-a new logo, company name or color scheme. Or they can be more complex-a new corporate strategy, company mission or even target audience. There can be many varied reasons behind a rebrand: to modernize an outdated look, to change a public perception, or to align with a bigger organization, to name just a few.

Why is Wolseley Industrial Group changing its brand to Ferguson Industrial? Answer:

Becoming Ferguson Industrial will help us maximize our growth potential and enable us to create efficiencies across all Ferguson customer groups. It will allow us to strengthen our market share while unifying our business under the Ferguson brand. You can learn more about this change at

Will the logo and branding change? Answer:

Wolseley Industrial Group branding will fully transition to Ferguson Industrial over the next 12 months. This will include changing the color palette from red to blue, in addition to changing the website, all marketing collateral, logos, advertisements, signage and vehicles.

Will signage be changing at the industrial stand-alone and blended locations? Answer:

Yes, all signage will change to Ferguson Industrial at our dedicated Industrial locations across the United States.

How long will the brand transition take? Answer:

The rebrand from Wolseley Industrial Group to Ferguson Industrial begins on March 15th, 2022, and will take up to 12 months to change over. Visit our brand transition informational webpage to keep informed on our rebranding efforts. If you have immediate items you need changed over to minimize delays or accounting processes, email us and we will quickly provide the information you need.

Is your website URL changing? Answer: will become on March 15. Once our new website is live, our former website, will automatically redirect visitors to our URL,

What is the impact on business operations? Answer:

None. This is a branding exercise, and it is business as usual.

Where can customers get more information about our brand transition? Answer:

Beginning on March 15th, you can access more information on our brand transition by visiting us on our brand transition informational page.

Legal / Contracts / Product Offerings

Our existing contract is with Wolseley Industrial Group, is it still valid? Answer:

Yes. Wolseley Industrial Group is a trade name for Ferguson Enterprises, LLC. This is simply a change in the trade name and does not have any impact on the contracts of Ferguson Enterprises, LLC, including those entered under the trade name of Wolseley Industrial Group. As contracts are amended or extended, we can document the name change but all contracts currently in existence continue to be fully binding. If you have any questions, contact us.

What impact does the rebranding have on existing customer agreements or contracts? Answer:

There is no impact. As Wolseley Industrial Group is simply a trade name for Ferguson Enterprises, LLC, all agreements, or contracts in the name of Wolseley Industrial Group are already binding on Ferguson Enterprises, LLC. There has been no change with respect to Ferguson Enterprises, LLC. If you have any questions, contact us.

Do we need to redo our customer contracts due to the name change? Answer:

No. Wolseley Industrial Group is a trade name and not a legal entity. There is no change to the legal entity. If you have any questions, contact us.

Do we need to change our contracts to reflect the new brand Ferguson Industrial? Answer:

No. The legal name is still Ferguson Enterprises, LLC. As we renew or amend agreements that are in the name of Wolseley Industrial Group, we can address the change then. However, if you need to update your agreement for various reasons i.e., the issue for accounting processes or the company name on the invoice does not match the name on the contract, contact us.

Will this brand transition impact our product and service offerings? Answer:

No, this is only a brand change and has no effect on our associates, product offerings or capabilities. It is business as usual. We will continue to offer the expertise you have come to expect and provide our wide range of industrial PVF and associated services to industrial customers.

Will this rebrand change day-to-day business transactions? Answer:

It is business as usual. Our rebrand does not have an effect on the way we do business with our customers.

Are tax exempt certificates still valid? Answer:

Tax exempt certificates that require the supplier to be named on the form should be made out to Ferguson Enterprises, LLC. Certificates made out to Wolseley Industrial Group will be valid as long as the DBA remains active with Ferguson Enterprises, LLC; once the DBA is no longer listed as valid, they would need to be updated. Contact us if you need a new certificate.

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