With ERECTASTEP, customers will experience more stability and durability

A before and after image of an access point on a jobsite; the first image shows a smaller, less stable stair and platform, the second shows the newly installed Erectastep system

Five Components Configured For Any Solution

Ferguson Industrial offers premium solutions that make your job safer and easier. Eliminate custom fabrication with ErectaStep’s line of industrial metal stairs. With its patented modular design, you can configure the steps and platform to gain safe access for maintenance and crossover applications for pipe, dike walls, and other obstructions. All are pre-engineered and OSHA-compliant.

In stock and ready to ship!

Universal platforms for the ErectaStep modular system.

Universal Platforms

Platform handrails for the ErectaStep modular stairs and platforms.

Platform Handrails

Tower support for building an access platform at an industrial facility or construction site.

Tower Supports

Safety stairs that can be used when creating the modular Erectastep platforms.

Safety Stairs

Ladder unit for safe access in a warehouse, industrial facility, or construction site.

Ladder Units

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ErectaStep modular stairs, access platforms, and metal rails are prefabricated, easy to assemble, and ready to ship

Our experts are ready to answer your call. We are here to provide proven solutions for system efficiency, safety, and operational troubleshooting. You can expect quick delivery and assembly for all of our high-quality ERECTASTEP products. Read how we helped a remote oil plant save millions with fast delivery and installation of ErectaStep modular stairs and access platforms; then call your local Ferguson Industrial associate to begin developing safe infrastructure for maintenance and control. 

  • Quick designs and quotes with our patented configurator
  • Pre-engineered components eliminate costly fabrication
  • Bolt-together assembly for fast installation
  • Fully engineered and safety-compliant
  • Construct any configuration without welding or fabrication
  • In stock and ready to ship


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