Quality Assurance

We deliver the highest value to our customers through our Quality Management System: peace of mind.

Your bottom line depends on the predictability, safe performance, and service longevity of the products used in your operations. That is why Ferguson Industrial provides customers a rigid quality management system. As a result of being a trusted distributor, our customers experience the greatest value: peace of mind. We dedicate our efforts to the safe operation of the industries we serve because we understand the products we supply are critical to the safe operation of each facility.

Through our distinguished quality program, we are true partners to our customers. Furthermore, we commit to their success by providing high-quality products and services.

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As part of our Quality Management System, we invest and showcase our quality people.

Quality People

We not only build strong relationships but also understand the complexities that challenge our customers. Depend on our knowledgeable team to deliver superior customer service and a consistent experience.

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Quality Products

Our customers depend on our ability to stock products that perform as expected, which is why we go to great lengths to confirm our suppliers consistently provide products that meet applicable standards.

With our Approved Manufacturer List (AML), customers trust our qualified suppliers not only to conform to industry standards but also those of Ferguson Industrial.

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Quality Process

We get it right the first time. Our quality management system minimizes the potential risk of both re-work and costly delays. As a result, our customers have an unrivaled experience.

Many of our industrial locations are certified to the ISO 9001 standard. Furthermore, our Metrology and Material Services (MMS) testing laboratory is certified to the ISO 17025 standard and is ILAC-MRA registered.

Key Features of Our Quality Management System

Our industry-leading quality program helps our customers reduce risk, promote safety, increase product reliability, enhance performance, and realize cost savings. We do this by integrating the following components:

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    Supplier Qualification

    Qualifying our suppliers is one of the founding principles of our quality program. As a result, it reduces risk, increases product reliability, and enhances performance in every aspect of our business. We require manufacturers and suppliers to demonstrate their ability to consistently supply products that meet applicable standards.

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    Operational Excellence

    Implementing quality processes throughout our organization minimizes the potential risk of re-work and costly delays that consequently impact our customers. Maintaining a consistent focus on quality allows us to continuously evaluate our processes for improvement in order to continue to provide high-quality products and services to our customers.

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    Approved Manufacturer List

    Our rigorous supplier qualification enables us to maintain a detailed list of approved manufacturers, manufacturing sites, and specific products from qualified suppliers around the world. We continually review, evaluate, and update our AML. As a result, we confidently promote safe, reliable, and conforming products, support multiple industry applications, and leverage diverse sourcing options.

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    Knowledgable Associates

    Developing knowledgeable and quality-focused associates strengthens our ability to partner with our customers, furthermore offering detailed product knowledge, problem-solving solutions, and cost-saving opportunities. Our associates receive comprehensive new hire training and participate in continuing education to further enhance their skill sets and maintain cutting-edge industry knowledge.

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    Accredited Quality Program

    Ferguson Industrial is supported by an effective and well-established quality management system. Many of our industrial locations are certified to the ISO 9001 standard. Furthermore, our Metrology and Material Services (MMS) testing laboratory is certified to the ISO 17025 standard and is ILAC-MRA registered.

    These independent third-party validations provide assurance that we:

    • Deliver consistent and reliable results our customers depend on.
    • Remain focused on quality products and services.
    • Consistently operate according to our high standards.

Quality Brochure

An accredited program to reduce risk, minimize downtime and increase your confidence in the products we provide.

Quality brochure cover

Quality Manual

This manual familiarizes our associates, customers, or interested parties with the controls that have been implemented. Furthermore, it assures them that the integrity of our QMS is maintained and focused on meeting its intended outcomes.

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