Plastic Lined Products

From custom spool lengths, fittings and valves to accessories, we are your total source for chemical resistant plastic lined products.

Ferguson Industrial is a turnkey fabrication distributor for plastic-lined products to help you optimize performance, reliability and, above all, safety. As an authorized stocking and fabricating distributor for Resistoflex® and XOMOX® plastic lined products, Ferguson Industrial offers turnkey fabrication of PTFE lined packages.

From drawings to custom length completed spools, we offer full fabrication of lined pipe shipped to your facility quickly. Our knowledgeable associates have the expertise to provide the best plastic lined product solutions that are suitable for use in caustic industrial applications. In addition to our inventory of plastic-lined PVF, we provide best-in-class fabrication services for plastic-lined products. Our associates are certified to meet manufacturer standards for fabrication, which makes us your trusted source for custom PTFE lined packages.

Fabrication Capabilities:

  • PTFE, Poly, Kynar, ATL
  • Hot forming
  • Pipe fabrication 1″–12″ PTFE / Poly 1″–8″ Kynar
  • 4 T-Drills 1/2″–16″ fabrication

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Ferguson Industrial Resistoflex


Resistoflex® plastic-lined piping provides optimized cost-performance over expensive alloys or other liners. Customers can expect the strength of a steel pipe with the corrosion and chemical resistance of an engineered plastic liner. Resistoflex molded PTFE liners offer optimal crystallinity and strength. They provide the best permeation resistance in the industry, reducing permeation rates by up to sixty percent when exposed to aggressive chemical elements at high temperatures.

Plastic Lined Systems Xomox


XOMOX® valves help maintain stream purity and protect against sudden leaks or spills from dangerous or toxic fluids.They offer integral design features such as dove tails, lock and grooves, and lock and holds which allow the liner to be locked into the valve structure, and that minimizes the potential for liner collapse in high-flow or vacuum conditions.


We’re proud to be both collaborators and problem solvers for our customers. Our focus on delivering the best customer service meanwhile providing technical support and product recommendations has positioned us as a leading industrial supply partner. Together, we help keep your operations running at peak performance.

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Pipe Lining Fabrication

With experienced associates, in-house fabrication, extensive inventory,and national footprint, we’re ready to be your partner for Chemical-resistant Lined pipe and valves.

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