Pulp & Paper

Ferguson Industrial has served the pulp and paper industry for more than 100 years.

Because of our commitment to the industry, our customers view our associates as experts in product application, process improvement, valve automation, and process specialties specific to the pulp and paper segment.

Through ongoing industry changes in process, technology, and governmental regulations, our customers need more than the traditional pick, pack, and ship of pipe, valves, and fittings (PVF). Ferguson Industrial works with procurement, engineering and maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) customers to focus on total cost optimization (TCO), safety, and mill efficiency to ensure process improvements and reduce downtime.

Combined with our large geographical footprint and network of distribution centers, we have built long-term customer and manufacturer relationships through the technical expertise of our sales force, QA program, and Approved Manufacturing List (AML).

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We offer customers with high-quality PVF, valve and automation products engineered for use in chemical, thermomechanial and recycle pulping.

  • Batch digester capping and blow valves
  • Liquor feed and steam valves
  • Gas-off, blow-back and relief valves
  • Turpentine recovery
  • Abrasion resistant and duples stainless heavy wall blow line piping
  • Severe service check valves
  • Specialty knife gate valves for recycle junk trap applications

Brown Stock Washing

Stock washing involves the use of specialty valves, seats and seals to handle large solids (knots) and spent chemicals in the residual liquor from the cooking process.

  • Slide gate and high performance knife gate valves
  • Floating ball valves
  • High-performance butterfly valves
  • Needle and gauge valves
  • Control valves
  • Transmitter isolation valves

Chemical Recovery

The recovery and re-caustisizing areas of the mill are the most demanding in regard the performance requirements of the piping system. Our extensive inventory of specialty products with features such as hardened flow surfaces, cavity fillers and abrasion resistant packing keep our customers operating at peak performance even in applications subject to high temperatures, corrosive atmospheres and heavy chemical scaling.

Stock Preparation and Papermaking

Bleaching(if applicable), refining, cleaning and blending of coatings and other additives impact the physical properties and finish of the paper. Ferguson Industrial has proven products and solutions for each of these areas as well as headbox piping, whitewater reclamation, and steam and condensate return lines for your paper machine.

Capital Project and Outage Services

With our extensive experience, we offer a comprehensive approach to turnaround services. We provide dedicated project management teams to:

  • Planned, VMI and discovered work solutions
  • Source and procure materials
  • Manage inventory (on/off-site)
  • Coordinate 24/7 on-site personnel
  • Jobsite trailers


Your Challenges.
Our Solutions.

From solving challenging product issues and unexpected shutdowns to severe weather responses, there is no better partner than Ferguson Industrial. Let our past performance speak for itself and then let us stand beside you in the toughest of times.

Trusted products from Ferguson Industrial being used in a chemical plant
Ferguson Industrial Products Pusher

Industrial Products

We offer industrial products from leading vendors and are dedicated to meeting customer requirements while minimizing risks and costly delays. Our customers trust us because of the peace of mind we provide through our strict safety standards.


We’re proud to be both collaborators and problem solvers for our customers. Our focus on delivering the best customer service meanwhile providing technical support and product recommendations has positioned us as a leading industrial supply partner. Together, we help keep your operations running at peak performance.

valve automation expertise pusher
Ferguson industrial testing products for quality control.

Quality Assurance

Our quality program is the greatest value we provide our customers as a trusted supplier. We are dedicated to the safe operation of the industries we serve, knowing that the products we supply are critical to the safe operation of their facilities.

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