HDPE Docks and Floating Structures

Manufactured from the highest quality pressure rated materials.

We offer custom HDPE fabrication to build floating structures from industrial pump floats and aquaculture products to large commercial work barges, boat floats and decking systems.

HDPE floating structures are a long-term investment that will continue to pay for itself. Our systems are resilient and durable in harsh environments. With our experience and use of quality products, our structures are designed and built to last a lifetime.

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We can build the size right for you!

Any configuration can be designed and constructed to fit your requirements. We can supply pontoons for complete harbors as well as houseboats, pontoons for steel structures; pontoons for fish pens, work platforms, seaplane docks, and more. Small or large, one or one hundred, all Ferguson Industrial docks receive the same special attention. We can help you determine the dock size, configuration, and buoyancy required. We can also help you determine what type of decking is required. We have many options available such as fiberglass decking if your job requires light penetration, composite decking, clear cedar, or aluminum decking with ADA approval.

Foam filled pontoons

These docks and floats are made from quality HDPE pipe, with a sidewall from a ½ inch up to 2½ inches, which is thicker and stronger than other floats in the market. The floats are completely foam filled with type 1 closed-cell expanded polystyrene foam. The end caps are fusion welded to the pipe using full surface heater plates, resulting in an encapsulated air tight pontoon.

Features Type I containment systems include:

  • Pontoons – HDPE pipe – with a wall thickness of ½ inch to 2½ inches
  • 100% surface is fusion welded – end caps & beam support blocks
  • All galvanized hardware
  • Buying power when purchasing decking material
  • Managed freight costs


We’re proud to be both collaborators and problem solvers for our customers. Our focus on delivering the best customer service meanwhile providing technical support and product recommendations has positioned us as a leading industrial supply partner. Together, we help keep your operations running at peak performance.

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HDPE Fabrication

Our strategically-located fabrication facilities combined with our distribution network allows us to deliver customized fabricated HDPE and PTFE Lined products with exceptional speed and reliability.

Quality Assurance

Our quality program is the greatest value we provide our customers as a trusted supplier. We are dedicated to the safe operation of the industries we serve, knowing that the products we supply are critical to the safe operation of their facilities.

Ferguson industrial testing products for quality control.

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