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A leading PVF supplier for the HF Alkylation industry

At Ferguson Industrial, we understand the importance of providing on-demand access to products that are suitable for use in HF alky applications for customers in the refinery industry. As a leading PVF supplier for the HF alkylation industry, we have strong relationships with top manufacturers of specialty PVF products. These relationships allow us to deliver the products you need faster and minimize downtimes. Our extensive inventory of specialty products keeps our refining customers operating at peak performance in high pressure, severe temperature, and corrosive environments.

Professionals in the industrial refining industry trust us because of the technical expertise we provide. This technical knowledge combined with our extensive inventory of specialized PVF products offers reduced lead times, flexibility, and the ability to adapt our services to overcome the challenges associated with implementing an HF alky application. Our quality assurance and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) testing program allows us to deliver products that are safe and meet the strict standards of HF alky applications. Because there is no margin for error in the refining industry, you can trust us to provide you with the products you need to meet your HF alkylation requirements.

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Low residual carbon steel valves for refinery industry from Ferguson Industrial

Low Residual Carbon Steel

  • Stocking pipe, forged and buttweld fittings, flanges, swages, nipples, olets
  • Meets Supplements S-9, S-62, S-78
  • Monel available upon request
HF Alkylation Valves


Gate, Globe, and Check Valves:

PACIFIC HF Alkylation valves are built using the most stringent quality and test procedures to ensure full compliance with UOP requirements for each line class.

  • API 602, API 600, and API 623 Gate and Globe valves for HF Alkylation have been tested in accordance with
  • API 624 and type certified the valve design for all sizes from 1⁄2″–24″ allowing Pacific to tag these valves as such.
  • Stocking 1⁄2″–1″ threaded, socket weld, and flanged and 2″–12″ 300# flanged LRES body and bonnet with Monel trim
XOMOX, XANIK, and DURCO valves for the refining industry


Sleeved Plug Valves:

  • Monel Body and Plug Teflon Sleeved 300 LB
  • Stocking 1⁄2″–1″ threaded and flanged 2″–12″ 300# flanged
  • All valves fire-sealed packing
WTA bellow seal globe valves from Ferguson Industrial


Bellow Seal Globe Valves:

  • LRES Body and Bonnet Hastelloy Bellows and Stem Stellite seats
  • Monel and Hastelloy Valves available 1″–12′
  • Provides zero stem emissions and a long cycle life

Industrial Supply Vendors

Our relationships with leading vendors of industrial MRO supplies and PVF products allow us to deliver the material you need with increased reliability. Regardless of vendor, all of the products in our inventory are scientifically tested to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Industrial Supply Vendors
valve automation expertise pusher


We’re proud to be both collaborators and problem solvers for our customers. Our focus on delivering the best customer service meanwhile providing technical support and product recommendations has positioned us as a leading industrial supply partner. Together, we help keep your operations running at peak performance.

Quality Assurance

Our quality program is the greatest value we provide our customers as a trusted supplier. We are dedicated to the safe operation of the industries we serve, knowing that the products we supply are critical to the safe operation of their facilities.

Ferguson industrial testing products for quality control.

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