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We deliver reliable and documented ASME-BPE approved equipment and sanitary components hat enhance purity and reduce operational incidents

As a full-service solutions provider for sanitary process customers, we offer a dependable selection of sanitary products. From 3-A certified and ASME-BPE-approved equipment to stainless steel fittings and components, customers rely on our inventory to uphold the purity of their products. Not to mention, our large network of strategically located distribution centers helps our knowledgeable associates coordinate fast and efficient product delivery. At Ferguson Industrial, we understand the fragility of your high-purity systems. That is why we work with you and offer custom solutions to prevent shutdowns, enhance safety, stabilize product purity, and save you time and money.

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3-A Sanitary Standards

3-A Sanitary Standards

The 3-A standard is specific for hygienic processing and packaging equipment in the Food & Beverage industry. Customers rest assured when equipment is tagged with the 3-A label because it confirms the equipment meets high standards of sanitary performance. In order to obtain the 3-A designation, products must meet specific design, construction, and operation details. Furthermore, it requires an independent Third Party Verification inspection to not only earn but also maintain the 3-A symbol. 3-A fittings require an interior surface finish of at least 32Ra.

BPE Quality Standards

BPE Quality Standards

Held to strict standards, traceability requirements, and manufacturing protocols, customers rely on BPE-designated equipment for processing high-purity products. Not only are BPE products specifically designed for sanitary applications, but also they are packaged to ensure contamination-free transfer. Furthermore, they are inspected for material verification to ensure customers receive the right material composition for their process specifications.

Surface finish is a critical characteristic of BPE products used in bioprocessing applications because of the importance of cleanliness. Typically, we offer BPE fittings in 20Ra and 15Ra with electropolish for enhanced smoothness. As a result, BPE finishes trap fewer bacteria than rougher surfaces. By selecting BPE tubing over its standard sanitary counterpart, customers gain peace of mind regarding the quality of their process equipment.


ASME Standards

ASME-BPE Standards

In order to achieve a high degree of unity and product quality for pharmaceutical and personal care products, ASME-BPE standards were developed. These standards verify material composition, dimensions, tolerances, interior surface finish, product markings, and packaging methods are precise and regulated. When it comes to processing sensitive products, such as medicines, ensuring purity and consistency is imperative. All ASME-BPE products are permanently tagged with documentation that traces both the product and materials from inception to installation.

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