Turnarounds and Shutdowns

With our extensive experience, we offer a comprehensive approach to industrial turnaround support.

At Ferguson Industrial, we understand the sensitivity and time requirements of turnarounds. Being that turnarounds are often planned years in advance and must be completed within a tight deadline of 30 to 60 days, you need a reliable and experienced team. As such, Ferguson Industrial has the manpower and the expertise as an organization to provide comprehensive material handling solutions throughout the entire process. Furthermore, both our industry experience and the breadth of our product offering allow us to provide customers with the right products to help them meet the specifications of their turnarounds. With us, products are diligently tracked throughout the process to ensure on-time delivery.

We help our customers meet their deadlines and avoid costly downtimes as a result of our fast and dependable national distribution of industrial pipe, valves, and fittings (PVF). This includes specialty low-res carbon pipe and fittings that we stock for highly corrosive applications, such as HF Alky.

Our expansive inventory combined with our material management services allows us to serve as a turnaround partner. No matter your industry, we scale our material management services in order to meet your unique requirements during an industrial plant turnaround.

We work closely with our customers to get them back up and running as quickly as possible.

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Material management services customized for your turnaround

Our associates have a sense of urgency and are committed to providing our customers with the right products on time, every time. For turnarounds of all scopes and sizes, we have the capability as an organization to scale our services to fit your needs.

We Provide three levels of turnaround material handling support:

Level 1:

  • Deliver jobsite trailers that are stocked with the products specified on the material list for the project.
  • Combine barcode scanners and scannable bin labels for your crew to easily manage inventory.
  • Replenish the trailer as needed through Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

Level 2:

  • Jobsite trailers are stocked and delivered as outlined above.
  • We also provide 24/7 onsite support to manage the inventory during the turnaround/outage.

Level 3:

  • Stock and deliver multiple job site trailers.
  • Provide a team of associates on-site to handle material around the clock.
  • Set up a staging area where orders are fully kitted and ready to be moved to the point of installation.

In addition to helping industrial customers complete their turnarounds on time, our material handling services have additional benefits. For example, our on-site material handling services provide loss prevention, which helps you preserve your organization’s budget. Not to mention, we track material every step of the way in order to prevent delays. We also help our customers fill the labor shortage by our associates handling all the material required for a turnaround instead of their workers.

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Engineering, Procurement, & Construction

Reduce overall costs and shorten lead times for large-scale capital projects with comprehensive sourcing and attentive project management from Ferguson Industrial.

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We can help you minimize operational downtime through in-house project management and contracting services that are designed to meet the needs of industrial customers.

Industrial Products

We offer industrial products from leading vendors and are dedicated to meeting customer requirements while minimizing risks and costly delays. Our customers trust us because of the peace of mind we provide through our strict safety standards.

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We’re proud to be both collaborators and problem solvers for our customers. Our focus on delivering the best customer service meanwhile providing technical support and product recommendations has positioned us as a leading industrial supply partner. Together, we help keep your operations running at peak performance.

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