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Our experts offer premium Flow Control Repair Services with attention to precision and efficiency. Furthermore, they specialize in both valve and actuator retrofitting, replacement, rebuilding, and more. Once the flow valves and actuators have been repaired, they will be tested and then returned looking brand new.

Pieces of an old actuator ready to be refurbished and rebuilt by a Ferguson expert.

Actuator Rebuilding

Not only does Ferguson Industrial rebuild old electric actuators but they also make them look and operate like new ones. Furthermore, our skilled technicians and attention to detail ensure we meet manufacturer standards. In addition, we perform the necessary preventative maintenance to maximize actuator performance. In conclusion, we reduce downtime.

We perform extensive electric actuator preventive maintenance activities. A partial list of our actuator rebuilding services includes:

  • Baseline actuator testing
  • Complete actuator disassembly
  • Degreasing and cleaning of actuator housing and internal parts
  • Chase threads of all tapped holes
  • Gasket, seal, and ball bearing replacement
  • Final testing of the actuator, prime, and paint housings
  • Documentation of all work performed
  • One (1) year warranty of all supplied parts and labor

Compared to others, our Flow Control Repair Services are different because we invest in skilled technicians. As a result, they offer experience and superior attention to detail. If your actuators need to be rebuilt after years of use or even neglect, then we will ensure they come back to life, looking and functioning like new equipment.

Please contact us with any requests or questions regarding actuator rebuilding.

A Ferguson expert retrofitting and repairing a flow control valve.

Valve Retrofitting And Repair To Accept Electric Actuators

Due to the intensity of industrial substances, valve retrofitting and repair require precision and skill. That is why our experienced team of machinists and technicians brings decades of industry experience. As a result, they are the most skilled team to transform multi-turn actuators into linear applications.

In conclusion, we perform this service by modifying, fabricating, and building:

  • New valve stems
  • Valve yokes
  • Yoke nuts
  • Stem extensions
  • Brackets for non-rising stem gate valves
  • Top hats for buried service valves
Ferguson associates unloading a large industrial part that requires sandblasting.

Electric Actuator Sandblasting And Painting

As well as complete refurbishing, Ferguson Industrial offers electric actuator sandblasting and painting in-house. Firstly, each electric actuator housing is cleaned. Then, it is sandblasted to bare metal. After that, a new coat of paint is applied to the housing. Lastly, the actuator is rebuilt with all necessary parts and functionally tested before returning to our customers.

Ferguson experts retrofitting industrial valves.

Valve Retrofitting

Our team of machinists and technicians brings decades of industry experience when it comes to valve retrofitting. Whether transforming multi-turn actuators into linear applications or moving from air operators to Limitorque electric actuators, we have a track record of success.

We perform valve retrofitting by modifying, fabricating, and building:

  • New valve stems
  • Valve yokes
  • Yoke nuts
  • Stem extensions
  • Brackets for non-rising stem gate valves
  • Top hats for buried service valves

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