Lined Pipe Fabrication Offers Food Production Facility A Long-Term Solution in Short Order

We leverage our technical resources and expertise to help our partners maintain safely operating facilities.

Lined pipe fabrication in a food & supplement production facility.

Safety must be the top priority for every organization no matter its size. When a product failure jeopardizes the safety of a facility, companies and their supply partners need to move quickly to neutralize the hazard while minimizing operational impacts.

A Long-Term Solution in Short Order

Aging carbon- and stainless-steel pipe and valves had begun to leak acid at a food and supplement production facility during the busy season. The leak posed serious safety concerns and fixing or replacing the system required extensive downtime.

Thanks to our technical expertise, lined pipe fabrication capability, and extensive inventory, we were able to offer the customer a long-term solution in short order.

Using the pre-existing layout, we developed a CAD drawing. Our solution was to replace the existing system with a plastic-lined pipe and valve configuration. The new system needed to match the customer’s exact specifications. During the process, our local associates stopped in regularly to address challenges, provide updates, and coordinate directly with the customer.

The new configuration was installed successfully. Consequently, our customer experienced minimal downtime and saved thousands of dollars per hour in production. We provided them with high-quality Resistoflex® plastic-lined pipe and XOMOX® lined valves. Furthermore, we extended the system’s service life and reduced long-term maintenance costs. Most importantly, our solution increased the reliability of the system, making for a safer, more efficient facility.

Proactive Measures to Ensure Plant Safety and Operation

The improved skid configuration worked so well that the customer requested a similar replacement for an additional acid line to head off another leak elsewhere in the facility.

Ferguson Industrial is a turnkey fabrication distributor for chemical-resistant lined products. As an authorized stocking and fabricating distributor for Resistoflex® and XOMOX® chemical-resistant lined products, Ferguson Industrial offers turnkey fabrication of PTFE lined packages—including custom spool lengths, fittings, valves, and accessories.

Our fabrication capabilities include:

  • PTFE, Poly, Kynar®, ATL
  • Hot forming
  • Pipe fabrication
    • 1″–12″ PTFE / Poly
    • 1″–8″ Kynar
  • Ring spacers
    • 1″–12″ solid PTFE
    • 1″–8″ solid PTFE full face
  • T-drills
    • 1/2″–16″ fabrication
  • Conrac machines

About Resistoflex®

Resistoflex® corrosion-resistant plastic lined pipe, fittings, and TEFLON® chemical hoses are used in corrosive fluid services. They are an economical alternative to expensive alloys. It combines the mechanical strength of a metal housing and the corrosion resistance of an engineered plastic liner for temperatures up to 450°F (232°C). Resistoflex offers plastic-lined pipe, fittings, and hoses in polypropylene, Teflon PFA, and Kynar® PVDF.

About XOMOX®

XOMOX® products are for corrosive and toxic chemical processing applications. They maintain the highest possible degree of performance in terms of in-line leakage and fugitive emissions.

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