HDPE Barge for Lake Oswego Corporation


Ferguson Industrial was selected as the HDPE supplier for Lake Oswego Corporation. As the selected supplier, we provided technical support during planning and identified the required products to complete the project.

Customer: Lake Oswego Corporation
Industry: Freshwater Recreation
Location: Lake Oswego, Oregon

Products: Work barge with sealed compartments located in the floatation chambers to
contain the algae control products.


Lake Oswego Corporation needed a vessel that could serve as a work barge for lake maintenance and hold the products used to control algae in the lake. The vessel also needed to have areas that would hold the products and tools used for their maintenance.


Ferguson Industrial offered a work barge with sealed compartments located in the flotation chambers to contain the algae control products.


The finished product will not corrode, rust and does not promote microbial growth. Additional benefits include:

  • Low lifetime cost
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable onsite during construction

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We are very happy with the barge, especially for use in seasonal chemical applications during the summer. It consistently performs well for us, and has never given
us any problems.

Gabe Winfrey,
Operations Manager, Lake Oswego Corporation

In need of custom floating structures for Oswego Lake, the Lake Oswego Corporation partnered with Ferguson Industrial for a solution.

In recent years, Lake Oswego has suffered from summertime algae blooms due to fertilizer runoff from nearby properties. To help control the blooms, and for additional general lake maintenance, Lake Oswego Corporation manager Gabe Winfrey contacted Ferguson Industrial for assistance.

The Ferguson Industrial Industrial Plastics Division worked with Winfrey to design a custom 12′ x 32′ floating barge that could serve as a platform for workers to use to control algae blooms.

Ferguson Industrial manufactured a barge using HDPE (high-density polyethylene) materials and a galvanized steel frame. The newly fabricated 384 square foot barge can carry up to 39,000 pounds of material, providing Lake Oswego Corporation with a durable, low cost and environmentally friendly barge that is expected to provide many years of service.

Because the lake already suffers from algae blooms, it was important to utilize materials that would not leach harmful contaminants into the lake water. HDPE and galvanized steel were the only logical choices, providing long service life while resisting rust, corrosion and microbial growth.

About Lake Oswego Corporation:

The Lake Oswego Corporation is an organization that manages and maintains the 415-acre Oswego Lake and its lakefront properties. The business is also responsible for the safety, water quality, maintenance, licensing, permitting and special events in the area.

As a founding member of the Oswego Lake Watershed Council, they are a non-regulatory stewardship organization established to improve the conditions and health of the Oswego Lake watershed and its stream network.

About Ferguson Industrial:

Ferguson Industrial is the industrial division of Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., based in Newport News, Virginia. We are a North American supplier of pipe, valves and fittings (PVF), as well as general maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products, specializing in delivering valve automation, instrumentation, engineered products and turn-key solutions. We also provide supply chain management solutions focused on providing significant cost savings across the entire supply chain.

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