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Sanitary Hose

Transfer hose for hygienic processes

Our sanitary food-grade hoses are typically made with natural or synthetic rubber, offering flexibility and reliable fluid or granule transport. In addition, they are specially designed for use within the Food & Beverage industry and other applications where hygiene, cleanliness, and food safety regulations are paramount. Because of their premium food-grade construction, the inner surfaces are smooth. As a result, they prevent bacteria, contaminants, and residue build-up - not to mention they are easier to clean. Furthermore, our premium-quality sanitary hose selection withstands high-pressure systems and continues to perform under extreme temperatures.

Common processes that require sanitary hose include:
  • Transporting liquid foods (for example milk, fruit juice, and wine)
  • Conveying dry food products (like flour, sugar, and grains)
  • Transferring ingredients (such as oils, syrup, and sauces)
  • Brewing/beverage production (both wine and beer)
  • Processing dairy
  • Pharmaceutical production (due to the stringent protocols to ensure product purity)
When transporting and processing liquids such as milk, juice, and wine; or conveying dry foods like sugar, flour, and grains, rely on premium sanitary transfer hoses from Ferguson Industrial. We will ensure you receive high-quality sanitary products.

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