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BPE Tubing

Pharmaceutical/Hygienic BPE Tubing

Through detailed product tagging, material verification, and strict shipping protocols, customers rest assured that our BPE tubing products meet the stringent specifications for processing medicines and high-purity products. This is especially important when build-up and contamination are major concerns. That is why premium stainless steel tubing is vital to pharmaceutical and hygienic applications. The ASME-BPE specifications for interior surface roughness are SF1 (20Ra mechanical) and SF4 (15Ra with electropolish).

SF1 – PL & PC

The ASME-BPE guidelines call out a 20Ra inside surface mechanical polish. The only difference between the PL and PC is the OD finish which the ASME-BPE does not regulate.

  • PL finish has an OD of 32Ra
  • PC finish has no OD Ra requirement
  • The versatility of the SF1 finish makes it suitable for various applications within the food and beverage industry, including processing equipment and storage tanks.

SF4 – PD & PM – 15Ra ID electro polish

  • However, the OD on a PM is 32Ra.
  • The PD finish has no OD Ra requirement.

You can depend on our high-quality and fully traceable BPE fittings and tubing. Call today to discuss your process application with our experienced associates.

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