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Compressed Sheets

Long-lasting and leak-free seals

We rely on the industry’s leading manufacturing enterprises for top-tier industrial compressed sheet gaskets. Sourcing from our approved manufacturers’ list, the Food and Beverage, Gas, Chemical, and other industrial markets rely on our gaskets for high-quality and reliable sealing. Because of their vast applications, we stock our distribution centers with gasket paper in a multitude of materials and sizes. Furthermore, our strategically located fabrication centers customize gaskets for applications requiring unique specifications.

When selecting industrial compressed sheet gaskets for your system, it is vital to consider the operating temperatures, pressures, and media content. That is why we recommend working directly with one of our Ferguson Industrial experts. Together, we will ensure a leak-free and long-lasting seal between hoses, flanges, and other components.

Over 30 different stock grades of:

  • Premium compressed
  • Expanded and filled PTFE
  • Graphite
  • Elastomer sheet
  • And more


*Some manufacturers may not be available for distribution in all states

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