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Sanitary Ball Check Valves

Safely prevent back flow, protect equipment, and ensure product quality

Check valves are a vital component of any sanitary process system. In fact, these automatic safety devices prevent the backflow of fluids and gasses. As a result, they both protect system pumps and compressors and also ensure product quality. Whether you’re looking for ball check valves, air blow check valves, horizontal or vertical disk check valves, or the like, Ferguson Industrial offers a comprehensive selection. We understand the fragility of sanitary process systems and work with each customer to ensure every industrial part fulfills system specifications and premium sanitary standards. With high-quality products and top-tier service, customers across the Food & Beverage industry rely on our vast selection of stainless steel check valves.

With Ferguson, customers get the products they need, when they need them. From ball check valves to our Top-Flo® collection, various sizes, pressure ratings, and more are available.

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Sanitary Ball Check Valves

Ball Check Valves

Obtain full flow through the piping system, meanwhile, preventing product backflow.

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air blow check valves

Air Blow Check Valves

These sanitary check valves use pressurized air to clean the product within the piping system. Furthermore, the clamp connection offers easy maintenance. Multiple air supply configurations are available.

Top-Flo® T45MP Check Valves

Top-Flo® T45MP Check Valves

FDA conforming and USP Class VI Certified, this check valve is ideal for hygienic processes such as clean steam systems and compendial water systems. Both concentric and eccentric configurations are available.

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Top-Flo® Stainless Steel Sanitary Ball Check Valves

Top-Flo® Stainless Steel Sanitary Ball Check Valves

Minimize pressure drop across the valve with this 3-A Certified ball check valve. Because it is a 2-piece design, the elastomer seat is replaceable.

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Top-Flo® Air Blow Check Valve

Top-Flo® Air Blow Check Valves

From protecting pipes from corrosion to emptying fluid or mixing products within tanks, Top-Flo® Air Blow Check Valves are a multi-faceted solution that improves both product quality and uniformity. Discuss additional features by calling Ferguson Industrial today.


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