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Sanitary Pressure Gauges

High-quality pressure gauges for superior accuracy

Maintaining an efficient and safe sanitary process system that produces consistent product quality requires precision. A small change in pressure, temperature, or even condensation can damage equipment, cause a shutdown, or alter the product. That is why Ferguson Industrial works with you to carefully select instrumentation, such as sanitary pressure gauges, temperature devices, and compression parts. Furthermore, our hygienic pressure gauges are specifically designed for the Food & Beverage industry, including dairy, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological processing.

Key features of sanitary pressure gauges include:

  • 3-A Certified
  • Meets USDA and FDA Sanitary Standards
  • Accuracy: as a percentage of full scale as per ASME B40.100 ± 1.6%
  • Because they are liquid-filled, they handle severe operation conditions such as vibrations.
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