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Studs and Bolts

High-Quality Threaded Fasteners

Offering durable, high-performance industrial studs and bolts in specialty materials, sizes, and coatings for customers across the industrial market. Discuss application specifics with your local Ferguson Industrial expert and learn more about our customized solutions.

Industrial studs and bolts materials:

  • A193 B7 Studs
  • A193 B8 Studs
  • A193 B8M Studs
  • B16 Studs
  • A320 L7 Studs
  • A193 B8 Class 2 Studs
  • A193 B8M Class 2 Studs
  • A36 Low Carbon Studs
  • Brass Studs
  • Monel Studs
  • Silicon Bronze Studs
  • Alloy 651 Studs
  • Alloy 655 Studs
  • Hex Bolts
  • A307A Hex Bolts
  • A307B Heavy Hex Bolts
  • A354 Grade 8 Hex Bolts
  • A449 Grade 5 Hex Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 304 & 316 Hex Bolts, Stubs and U-Bolts

From standard selections to custom stud and bolt fabrication, coatings, and platings, we source the products you need, fast.

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