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Valve Accessories are vital to the safe and reliable operation of Flow Control Systems. That’s why Ferguson Industrial invests in manufacturer relationships and product testing.

Gears Operators
Gear Operators offer precise regulation of the liquid or gas within a manual valve system. In addition, they allow for the easy operation of valves with high torque requirements. Made of corrosion-resistant materials, Gears provide a mechanical advantage and reduce the amount of human effort required to open or close a valve. Gear Operators gradually change the valve position. Fit them with lockouts to keep the valve in the current position, either open, closed, or in an intermediate state.

Stem Extensions
Stem extensions are an ideal solution for underground or below-level valve access. With this Manual Valve Accessory, it is unnecessary to enter valve pits, manholes, or other strenuous locations.

Chainwheels are installed on handwheel operators of valves or gears and come with specified lengths of chains. They allow for the operation of valves in hard-to-reach locations, or of valves high overhead in the pipe rack. Optional Safety Chainwheels have a lanyard that connects them to nearby piping. As a result, it reduces the potential hazard of a falling chainwheel or handwheel.

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