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Weld End Fittings

Permanent, long-lasting connections

Weld end fittings are a permanent installation, unlike clamp fittings which can quickly be assembled and taken apart. Because sanitary weld fittings are not easy to remove, they are installed in applications where process piping and equipment can be cleaned in place (CIP). Primary applications that use weld fittings include processing food, beverage, dairy, personal care, and pet products. They are also common in other Food & Beverage industries such as wineries and breweries.

Key features and specifications of sanitary weld fittings:

  • ½” to 10” O.D. tube
  • Uniform wall thickness of 0.065 for fittings ½” to 3”
  • At 4”, the wall thickness measures 0.083 and at 6” and 8” it is 0.109
  • 304 SS and 316L SS are available
  • 3-A sanitary finish
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Welded Ferrule which is a sanitary fitting

Welded Ferrules

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Stainless steel welded caps for sanitary fittings.

Welded Caps

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Stainless steel weld elbows for sanitary fittings

Welded Elbows

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Welded tees & crosses for sanitary applications.

Welded Tees & Crosses

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Stainless steel welded wyes for sanitary applications.

Welded Wyes

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Stainless steel welded reducers for sanitary fittings.

Welded Reducers

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Welded adapters for sanitary weld fittings.

Welded Adapters

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