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Ferguson Industrial is a leader in the distribution and fabrication of HDPE pipe and fittings. Our equipment, field technicians and facilities are strategically located throughout the United States, ensuring our ability to provide pipe, fittings and equipment regardless of customer location.

HDPE products are a long-lasting and sustainable solution for a variety of industrial applications. When fused properly, HDPE pipe systems are leak-free and typically require less time and labor for installation compared to systems made from other material. We combine our expansive inventory of HDPE products with a range of specialty fabrication and HDPE fusion services.

What we offer:

  • Fabrication for custom HDPE piping fittings in sizes ½” through 65” in both IPS and DIPS.
  • Application and specification review
  • Specialty product CAD drawing
  • Technical calculations
  • Job-site setup recommendations
  • Productivity estimates
  • Design assistance
  • HDPE Pipe, Fabrication and Fusion Services: Download
  • Industrial Pastics: HDPE Fitting Catalog Download
  • Industrial Pastics: HDPE FM Catalog Download

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HDPE Fabrication

Our strategically-located fabrication facilities combined with our distribution network allows us to deliver customized fabricated HDPE fittings with exceptional speed and reliability.

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