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With over 40 years in the HDPE products business, we offer a complete line of products fusion and rental services for any HDPE pipe and fitting requirement.

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HDPE products are a long-lasting and sustainable solution for a broad range of piping solutions in industrial, marine, mining, landfill and agricultural applications. When fused properly, HDPE pipe systems are leak-free and typically require less time and labor for installation compared to systems made from other material. We combine our expansive inventory of HDPE products with a range of specialty fabrication and HDPE fusion services.

Our value engineering solutions and capabilities can help reduce overall project cost and increase site productivity.

Our equipment, field technicians and facilities are strategically located throughout the United States ensuring our ability to supply pipe, fittings and equipment quickly regardless of your location.

  • Hazardous waste
  • Dredge piping
  • Flotation systems
  • Acid bath
  • FM pipe
  • Spent abrasive slurry
  • Power generation
  • Organic/inorganic chemicals
  • Solution mining
  • Process piping
What we offer
  • Fabrication for custom HDPE piping fittings in sizes ½” through 65” in both IPS and DIPS.
  • Application and specification review
  • Specialty product CAD drawing
  • Technical calculations
  • Jobsite setup recommendations
  • Productivity estimates
  • Design assistance

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ferguson industrial hdpe fabrication

Customized fabrication of HDPE products for fittings, components and structures.

We excel with the design, engineering assistance and custom fabrication of HDPE products that provide the flexibility to pipe systems that meet the needs of your application.

With our experience in design and fabrication of specialty HDPE products, we provide solutions and fusion techniques applicable for custom fabricated fittings, components and structures to meet unique or specialized design specifications. Along with our extensive fleet of McElroy fusion equipment, we have certified factory-trained fusion technicians and trainers who are capable of providing on-site HDPE fabrication training.

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Fusion services

In addition to our expansive offering of HDPE products and customized fabricated systems for a wide range of applications, we also serve customers across the industrial market with fusion services. From pipe fusion machines and pipe fusion accessory rentals to on-the-job training, we are your complete source for pipe fusion equipment solutions and support.

With our national footprint, we can deploy the appropriate McElroy fusion equipment and HDPE products needed to any jobsite nationwide. We offer:

  • A large fleet of McElroy fusion equipment for rental and sale.
  • Authorized equipment repair facilities located throughout the U.S.
  • Equipment that is part of certified McElroy rental program ensuring highest quality
Our equipment offering includes
  • Rolling and TracStar track machines
  • ½” Through 65” McElroy fusion machines
  • Dataloggers
  • Socket welders
  • Electrofusion processors
  • Extrusion welders
  • Sidewall fusion machines
  • De-beading tools
  • Generators
  • Factory-certified service and repair
Fusion training and qualification

Our certified training instructors offer customized classroom instruction and hands on field training programs to successfully train your crew to operate fusion equipment.

Our training meets the operator qualification training standard F3190 set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Whether your need is for small hand-held fusion equipment, electrofusion or track and rolling butt fusion equipment, we are ready to train the correct fusion process in accordance with:

  • ASTM F2620 (Heat fusion) standards
  • ASTM F1290 (Electrofusion) standards

We provide qualification training on the following HDPE pipe fusion methods:

  • Butt fusion
  • Electrofusion
  • Socket fusion
  • Hot tapping techniques
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hdpe pipe fusion

Quality Assurance

Our HDPE Quality Process consists of several layers to meet our customers product requirements:

All pipe and fittings are inspected multiple times throughout the fabrication process. Our process includes inspection of the heat fusion process reports, wall thickness, manufactured angles and cosmetic issues to ensure all the finished products meet specifications.

A unique serial number is heat stamped for traceability on all fittings. Every fitting has a quality record available proving it was inspected and meets all standards.

A standard procedure used for all fabricated fittings and specialty products to record all the critical data points during the fusing process.

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HDPE Capabilities

Fabricated fittings

Our fabricated HDPE fittings are manufactured from pipe grade polyethylene feedstock that meets ASTM standard F714. We use resin with a cell class of PE 445474C, which meets the standard for Type III, Class C, Category 5 or PE4710 piping material in accordance with ASTM standard D3350.

All of our fabricated fittings are serialized and heat stamped to provide full traceability. Additionally, our fittings are subjected to an inspection for quality in accordance with our ISO standard.

Specialty fabrication

Many projects and applications are so unique and complex, they require skilled fabrication and a variety of pieces and fittings to design a unique fitting or structure.Our experienced team will work with you and your plans to develop the best solution for your application.

Spool fabrication

Our pre-fabricated spools are designed to reduce field welds, labor expense and downtime on system replacements or new construction

Floating structures

Our float systems are resilient, durable in harsh marine environments and designed to last a lifetime. We supply pontoons for marinas, pump floats, fish pens, work platforms, seaplane docks, traditional docks, houseboats and more.

Manholes and tanks

HDPE manholes, tanks and vaults are manufactured from HDPE products and are custom built utilizing a one-piece leak free design. We provide HDPE manholes and tanks to meet ASTM standard F-1759-97 requirements for subsurface applications and they are fabricated to connect with any type of piping system.

Case Studies

Field applications meeting every challenge. Read our HDPE use case studies and discover how we’ve helped our customers meet the toughest challenges, in a variety of applications.

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HDPE Barge for Lake Oswego Corporation

Ferguson Industrial was selected as the HDPE products supplier for Lake Oswego Corporation. As the selected supplier, we provided technical support during planning and identified the required products to complete the project. Ferguson Industrial manufactured a barge using HDPE (high-density polyethylene) materials and a galvanized steel frame. The newly fabricated 384 square foot barge can carry up to 39,000 pounds of material, providing Lake Oswego Corporation with a durable, low cost and environmentally friendly barge that is expected to provide many years of service.

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Lake Oswego Project

Check out this great video featuring Ferguson Industrial Plastics associates fusion welding the HDPE pipe on the City of Lake Oswego Oregon project.

Manhattan Relining Project

Its midnight on a Saturday night in downtown Manhattan… Do you know where your fusion technicians are? Ferguson Industrial Plastics technicians are hard at work fusion welding this 48″ HDPE pipe together for a relining project. This project is done on weekend nights so it will not disrupt the heavy traffic in the area.

Pittsburg Waterline Expansion

Ferguson Waterworks in Pittsburg recently carried out an expansion to an existing waterline by providing prefabricated parts and fusion services. This Tee section was installed using electrofusion couplings. Ferguson Industrial Plastics Regional Sales Manager, Lawrence Norris, supervised the installation.

Arizona Mining Site Project

These large HDPE fabrications are part of a large project for a mining site in Arizona. The pieces make up a SXEW (Solvent Extraction Electro-Wining) assembly used in the mining process. This project was very complex both in design and in procedure. Ferguson Industrial Plastics performed two different testing procedures that had to be performed on all welds (TOFD or ultrasonic and Hydrostatic).

San Francisco Aquarium Project

Looking down on the maze of HDPE pipe and fittings being assembled for the new San Francisco Aquarium. This project located at the Golden Gate park site will replace the old aquarium. The new site will include a coral reef and tropical rainforest areas. All the underground piping on this site is made from HDPE materials.

Orlando Fabrication

Ferguson’s HDPE branch in Lakeland Florida manufacturers a large variety of fabricated polyethylene products. The pictures shown here are of an end cap to a heat exchanger that was fabricated from HDPE for FP&L in Orlando. The customer was having problems with their steel fabrications corroding due to a salt water environment. Ferguson associates are committed to solving corrosion issues in power plants around the country.

Wareham, Massachusetts Pipe Installation

Bridge crossings make for an easy installation with HDPE pipe. On this project in Wareham Massachusetts, a 300 foot run was installed with 3″ of insulation and a poly jacket. The pressure pipe was butt fusion welded with a McElroy machine and the jacket was extrusion welded in place. The flanged ends were installed using an electrofusion coupling because of tight space constraints. Ferguson Industrial Plastics has certified technicians available to do installations using all three methods for welding HDPE pipe.

Hewitt Avenue Sewer Project

The Hewitt Avenue Sewer project in Everett Washington was designed entirely in HDPE material. The pipe and manholes were built as a welded and sealed system to eliminate any infiltration, leakage or root intrusion. Hewitt Avenue is now a beautifully landscaped street in the center of the city with large trees and artistic walkways. The sewer system had to be engineered to insure that tree roots could not intrude into the pipe. A fusion welded HDPE system was the obvious choice.

Puyallup, Washington Pump Station Manhole

These photos are of a pump station manhole being delivered to a construction site in Puyallup, Washington. This particular manhole is 8 feet in diameter and over 30 feet tall. The manholes are made from Spirolite HDPE material and are complete with ladders, internal piping and platforms inside.

HDPE Pump Station Manhole

These are photos of the inside of an HDPE pump station manhole. As you can see in the pictures we supply the structures with platforms and ladders as well as the brackets to hold the pumps and piping.

South Florida Directional Bore Job

This is a directional bore job in South Florida, water main. Ricky Ward was the tech. McElroy wrote an article on this job it is in this weeks McElroy newsletter and will also be published in a Major Magazine soon, probably Trenchless magazine.

Designed for Abrasive Application

The FNW figure 160 O-Port Style HDPE Body Valve was designed to meet the requirements of systems utilizing HDPE materials for high abrasion resistance. The entire main body of the valve is composed of HDPE material. The unique construction allows the gate to be totally surrounded by the body material. This feature provides a valve with no chest cavity which can entrap material and cause premature valve failure.

The basic design provides full flow passage, availability of different grades of HDPE material to fit the application, end connections to meet face to face requirements and the high abrasion resistant characteristics of HDPE. Designed for mine tailings systems where high percentage of solids and abrasion are present.

Stocked in 150# ANSI flanged ends.
Special order: Available in Victaulic or plain fusion ends.

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