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Vacuum Breakers

Prevent piping collapse with automated vacuum breakers

This self-operating valve kicks into gear in the event of a pump or power failure. As the name implies, the valve breaks the vacuum created within the pipeline. This has two results. Firstly, it prevents the potential collapse of the pipe. Secondly, it ensures there is no back siphoning which could result in harmful contamination of the medium. For example, vacuum breaker valves are often used in the food and beverage industry to ensure that the products are safe and healthy for consumption.

Vacuum breakers are available in a multitude of sizes and pressure ratings, as well as several connection types. Discuss application parameters with your local Ferguson Industrial expert to prevent pipe collapse and contamination.

Please note that vacuum breaker valves are critical instruments when working with consumables and/or ABS piping. In comparison to metal pipes, ABS pipe collapses with less vacuum pressure.


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