Chemical Company Saves Time and Money Due to Fast Procurement

Our product knowledge and manufacturer partnerships generate agile solutions for unexpected downtime.

Industrial facilities don’t seem like delicate ecosystems—until the unexpected failure of one critical component threatens to grind the whole operation to a halt. Without a crystal ball, there are few ways to get ahead of these kinds of situations. That is why facilities need supply partners that respond quickly to emergencies. Consequently, reducing downtime and minimizing revenue loss.

A chemical company found itself in this exact position after losing a steam control valve in one of its mixing/finishing lines. As their preferred supplier, we were tasked with replacing the valve with the same product.

Because the failed valve shut down the entire line, the company needed a replacement in seven to 10 days. When we contacted the original equipment manufacturer to source the new valve, they quoted a six-to-seven-week lead time.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, our product experts immediately began looking for alternatives. They turned to our expansive network of manufacturer partnerships. We identified a solution in the form of Trimteck®, a domestic valve manufacturer.

There’s no obstacle we can’t overcome together.


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Ferguson Industrial Acts Fast and Saves You Money

By sourcing the Trimteck® control valve, we were able to condense the replacement timeline to five business days and save the chemical company $20,000 in production downtime. Our fast response also saved the company from storing unprocessed material in rented tanker trucks for the duration—an added cost savings of more than $33,000.

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When you partner with Ferguson Industrial, you benefit from our quick response and all of our partnerships. There’s no obstacle we can’t overcome together.

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