Unexpected shutdown? A prepared PVF partner is key.

Storms may impact local areas and regions, but severe weather affects the entire country.

More importantly, instances of severe weather—like hurricanes, blizzards and wildfires—can have disastrous effects on your business. But it shouldn’t.

When it comes to severe weather support, there’s no better partner than Ferguson Industrial. Thanks to a vast network of distribution centers, a dedicated team of on-call remote associates and 24/7 availability to a wide array of PVF products, we’re able to provide the support you need when and where you need it—no matter what.

That’s why, when the Gulf Coast powered through freezing temperatures and extended power outages, our customers were powered by Ferguson Industrial. Throughout the month of March, we worked with industrial facilities throughout Texas and Louisiana to satisfy urgent requests for all their pipe, valve and fitting needs.

Thanks to our combined efforts, several chemical and refining customers returned to business faster than they could have expected.
Simply put: We’re more than prepared to serve our customers before, during and after any severe weather event. When you work with us, you’ll find your business prepared for the worst and expecting the best.

There’s no obstacle we can’t overcome together.

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“We were in panic mode for several weeks. We had a tremendous list of parts that we needed to get in as soon as possible, and Ferguson Industrial was able to secure the materials that same night. They were on top of everything we needed, and the level of service we received was outstanding. I don’t think we’d be running today without them.”

“Thanks to their great response, we were able to minimize downtime and the freeze’s impact on our site.”

“The level of customer service from Ferguson Industrial has been absolutely top tier.”

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Your Challenges. Our Connections.

When you partner with Ferguson Industrial, you benefit from all of our partnerships. There’s no obstacle we can’t overcome together.

Complex Problems. Collaborative Solutions.

Comprehensive product knowledge and an unshakable commitment to service lay the framework for swift, dynamic problem solving.

Valve experts discover critical error and delivers out-of-the box solution.

Comprehensive product knowledge and an unshakable commitment to service lay the framework for swift, dynamic problem solving.

Increased reliability, improved safety, and a more efficient facility

We leverage our technical resources and expertise to help our partners maintain safe, operating facilities.

Exceptional service cuts lead time by more than 60 percent

Our quick response and commitment to exceptional service cut lead time by more than 60%, resulting in reduced downtime and millions in customer savings.

Delivering PVF to Ohio Valley fertilizer customer on time and under budget

When it comes to planning and execution, you need a capable partner—one with vast reach and the ability to work with your needs at the local level, one that can provide competitive pricing, industry expertise, reduced lead times and increased cost savings.

Failed oxygen valve at mining complex in Arizona

When an unexpected product failure slows operations to a crawl, facilities need a partner they can trust to deliver a replacement quickly and get them back in action. TIME IS MONEY.

A clear path to extended product life and cost savings

When a product weakness becomes so commonplace that failure is expected, it’s time to reassess that product’s role in your facility—especially when repeated problems impact your bottom line. Don’t settle for less than the best.

PVF Products

We maintain industry leading inventory of both commodity and specific application valves in a variety of sizes, materials and pressure classes. Ferguson Industrial supplies quality products from quality manufacturers.

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Quality Assurance

Our quality program is the greatest value we provide our customers as a trusted supplier. We are dedicated to the safe operation of the industries we serve, knowing that the products we supply are critical to the safe operation of their facilities.

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