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Professional supply chain services and proven best practices to deliver expertise and results for our customers

We bring visibility to the supply chain to drive shorter lead times, streamline operations and improve productivity.

We are committed to reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO) with tailored access to the best cost reduction and supply chain services through our quality people, quality processes and quality systems. We deliver value by providing innovative procurement, inventory management and distribution solutions that result in lower total operating costs for our customers. Our goal is to simplify the procurement and distribution of MRO supplies for industrial companies.


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With an extensive MRO supply network and a national distribution center infrastructure, we provide professional procurement services for order processing and inventory management. Our procurement processes focus on strategic, tactical and category management associated with maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) supplies. We provide expert support with ordering, tracking, receiving, replenishment and benchmarking MRO supplies.

Sourcing and supplier management

Working alongside each customer, our goal is to understand your current supply chain and overall business environment. The collection and management of detailed transactional data allows our Strategic Sourcing Team to successfully leverage and optimize the supply chain in support of the customer’s defined needs. Value is delivered through the introduction of new and innovative product solutions, unit price savings, productivity improvements, process re-engineering and the application of lean principles.

Key points about our team
  • Focused supply chain organization negotiating highly competitive supply agreements.
  • Works with a broad set of suppliers and manufacturers covering a full range of MRO items
  • Utilizes sourcing as our core strength which is unique in the MRO marketplace today ensures continuity of supply and conformance of product requirements
  • Builds supplier relationships, implementing a qualification process and managing performance guidelines
Strategic Sourcing
  • Buying the right products at the right specifications for customers is a result of our Sourcing Team working collaboratively with thousands of suppliers.
  • Leveraging our size and scale
  • Establishing discount pricing structures
  • Sourcing directly with manufacturers
  • Executing a brand-neutral sourcing process
  • Providing highest-quality products at the lowest possible prices

Inventory optimization

Whether utilizing vendor managed inventory systems such as kanban, barcoding or automated dispensing, we have the capability to maintain stock for a quick turnaround, avoiding shortages and costly shutdowns. Our replenishment teams effectively plan and manage reorder points, track activity of products as they move in and out of warehouse areas and reduce inventory obsolescence, resulting in wise monetary investment.

Inventory optimization solutions
  • Classification
  • Standardization
  • Consolidation
  • Reduction
  • Disposition

Our inventory optimization process is focused on increasing stock availability while decreasing investment and improving returns on invested capital. The process involves:

  • Evaluating your current inventory position, developing a plan and implementing the change process.
  • Collecting your databases, reviewing manual logs and inventorying stock for data acquisition.
  • Correcting inaccurate data, editing product descriptions, part numbers and units of measure for data cleansing.
  • Deciding proper storage mechanisms for deployment.
  • Developing demand, lead times, investment planning and disposition of residual material.
  • Recording results, verifying performance and implementing changes for continuous improvement.

ferguson industrial supply chain services content management

Content management

Information management is a critical element of a successful integrated supply program. We have a standard set of reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) that add value to most programs.

We focus on what matters most”

  • Item availability: Detailed reports and summary-level views of performance
  • Inventory investment: Summaries of costs, turns and active categories
  • Consumption and usage: Reductions driven by usage patterns
  • Productivity savings: Project reports, action registers, lean non-value eliminations
  • Cost savings: Benchmarking year-over-year purchase price variances
  • Sourcing strategy: Spend categorized by commodity, vendor and items

We offer comprehensive support through data analytics, spend assessment, savings and measurement of key performance indicators.

  • Assures uptime and enhanced productivity
  • Knowing a schematic around your organization’s purchases
  • Visibility into actual cost of inventory
  • Maximum availability with minimum investment
  • Activity-based categories for review and adjustment
  • Implementation of restrictions and budget controls
  • Application of lean business principles
  • Year-over-year savings
  • Determining site-specific strategies for bottom-line impact

Materials distribution

Replenishment controls and material distribution through our on-site storeroom management processes are provided at each customer’s location for MRO products.

Our dedicated onsite associates provide
  • Professional customer service interface
  • Process purchase orders
  • Track and maintain inventory
  • Receive, label and stock product
  • Perform routine cycle counts
  • Monthly performance and savings reports
  • Export shipments
  • Support with storeroom management, dispensing, Kanban and vendor managed inventory
ferguson industrial sourcing


An on-site dispensing solution can reduce your consumable product spend by as much as 30%, based on your production. With the latest in industrial dispensing technology, we help you take control of inventory, accountability and efficiency by installing the right machine for your facility and you embrace the cost savings.

Benefits of dispensing solutions
  • Improved asset accountability: Control and track your supplies.
  • Reduce indirect material consumption: Items are prudently used and waste is eliminated.
  • Increase labor productivity: Quick access when installed in point-of-use environments.
  • Supports safe work practices.
Type of machines
  • Coil machines use helixes/coils that eject PPE and industrial MRO items.
  • Drawer Cabinets come in a variety of styles, allowing varying levels of control – from open bin stock to closed or weighted compartments.
  • Lockers and Cabinets are flexible solutions that are versatile enough to store large tools and assets or high quantity consumables.
  • Carousel Machines offer security and flexibility in a small footprint.

ferguson industrial asset management

Asset management

The objective of an integrated supply chain services program is to develop a cost-effective, comprehensive MRO materials management system that leads to optimal use of material, manpower and equipment, while reducing or eliminating unnecessary inventory levels. An integral part of that optimal process is managing tooling, assets and spare parts.

Serialization and lot controlsItems can be serialized which means the actual individual unit of an item is recorded with each transaction. This is particularly useful in high dollar items and items with warranty requirements. Additionally, Lot Control manages items with shelf life or other time or tracking limitations. Warranty managementWarranty management can be used in conjunction with Serialization and Repair management to track actual product warranty and trigger claim processing. Active tracking of manufacturer warranties is typically not being done by industrial organizations and is an area of opportunity. CommercializationThe process of identifying the genuine Original Part Manufacturer (OPM) rather than the OEM, allowing us to de-layer the supply chain and drive cost savings. Gage controlGage control is used for any “check-in/check-out” items, including hand tools and power tools. A variety of calibration schedules are managed. Cutting tools and abrasivesFocusing on the right tool for the project, initiating modern technologies, improving applications and managing repairs and regrinds, our specialists offer technical expertise and cost savings project management.

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